Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Once Upon A Time...

Today was one of the most chaotic days I've had in these 6 weeks, my grandparents are coming tomorrow from Nevada which means pack up our things and move to the extra room near my parents bedroom. Confused? Trust me so was I.. well this house belongs to my great grand father and the reason why we moved from California to India was to take care of it cause no one else would. My dad was nice enough to take the burden on himself, but now my grandparents are becoming old and they say they are going to move back to India in a couple of years, so they make the changes now! Well my room my grand mother wants and my sisters room well my grand father wants. They are going to be here for 2 months and since this is originally their house we have to listen to them whether we like it or not! We have two more weeks before we go back to school but we're packing like we're leaving tomorrow. My room is now so empty, I can hear my voice echo as if I'm standing on a cliff shouting out real loud!! Anyways, I feel like an old lady who threw her back cause of all the work. Today's photo shoot happened in a big rush cause by the time we were done the sun was setting so Joon and I were racing against the Sun. Well hope you all are having a wonderful day :)) xoxo

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