Sunday, December 30, 2012

Awaiting a Camera

Hello my friends and followers, so it has been insanely long since I have last made the effort to type a few words in this clean page that belongs to blogger. I always have some excuse or another as to why I have not posted, do you wish to hear my excuse this time? Well I'm actually awaiting my new camera that I should be receiving any day now. Without high quality photos what's the point in posting right?...

...I'm not actually buying this antique camera.

Oh! Guess what? remember last year I said I was going to make a gingerbread house and post the photo but I never came to doing it? Well this year my sisters and I made a magnificent gingerbread house. However the entire process was quite cumbersome, it was definitely worth it.

At the moment the house is trying to survive the terrible chaos that is occurring  we are holding a dinner tonight for my cousin, her boyfriend and his parents. To make everything perfect is crucial at the moment, nothing must go wrong. On top of that I've been attending numerous amounts of festive Indian Weddings as well as trying my level best to keep up with all my SAT homework.

I promise you the day I carry my new camera in my hand I will post a look for you all to admire! ;)


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