Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Hippie Luvr

I just went shopping over the weekend and it was my birthday on Thursday.. My Sweet 16! and my friend bought me a necklace and a headband from Forever 21. I really like these pants, they make a plain shirt look so classy not an ordinary boring t-shirt with jeans.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Demon Fairy

Stars and Stripes

I absolutley adore this sweater.. I got it for Fourth of July and I fell in love! It was my friends birthday and we ran all around the market because he couldn't decide where he wanted to eat, so the American flag was running aound in black boots

BuTtErFLy fLy AwAY

Well there was no school this week, since it was Activity Week it's starting to get more cold here yay! I can wear my boots and not look like a fool now! I got this shirt this summer in Zara I <3 it! and the jeggings are from Zara too, there my sisters, I love the effect light colored pants give to boots it makes them look fresh!