Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Roommates Dress

This dress was given to me by my cousins room mate in San Francisco, she's really tiny; short and thin. Nevertheless she is very sweet, thank you for the dress Vrinda :)

My cousins study in the Academy of Art, which comes under the top 5 best art universities in the states they are becoming graphic designers.

Well today I had a very interesting photo shoot upstairs, scratch that, I had quite a frustrating photo shoot upstairs. There was this creepy Indian man up on his roof who was hiding behind the water tank and every time he got a chance he would peep to get a look of me and my sisters. Oh, by the way my sisters started their own blog as well :) I'm such an inspiration aren't I? ;)
Anyways, so this man just kept watching us and it was terribly irritating so we called our dad to give him a piece of his mind... however the man sort of  dissapeared. I completley dislike ill-mannered people.

My parents just left for a party, my mother was featured in a magazine last year. The magazine is throwing an anniversary party so all those who have been featured in the magazine have been called for it. My father went as well, obviously, they both look pretty fantastic, I hope they have a good time.

Oh one more thing I went to a boutique today and got an appointment made to meet the owner at noon tomorrow because I want to sell my bows there :) Please pray they say yes.

Have a great night!


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