Friday, September 2, 2011

Lacy black with a sprinkle of pink

Remember the day when my physics teacher yelled at me for the way I was dressed and called me a rockstar?? haha well he apologized today! I'm pretty sure this is the first time I wore this skirt, I felt like a little kid in a tutu but I got quite a few compliments which made me happy, I mean who doesn't like compliments right?
Oh and there's a picture of my roomate too, She's wearing my leather jacket which never goes with anything I'm wearing but I love the jacket

Photo Credits: Dechen

Skirt- Forever 21
Shirt- Zara

Topped off with a bow!

So Ugyen and I went to school early in the morning.. and at around 8:20 we saw one of my sisters, she was wearing denim overalls and then came my second sister who was wearing a floral romper they both were so breaking the dress code but I doubt they could care less. It was then that Ugyen pointed out that the three of us were dressed very similar, well what can I say I have a pretty strong impact on them! ^^

Photo Credits : Supriti

Dress- Forever 21

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rockstar 'quote my Physics teacher!'

Well today was a very interesting day, I had to go up on stage and make an annoncemen and my shiny liquid leggings happened to catch my physics teachers eye! He yelled at me (lucky me for having physics first class) and said I was dressed for a party and not for school... firstly I would never dress like that for a party and secondly this was not my first time wearing liquid leggins to school, so no need to yell at me! But this doesn't mean you won't see me and my shiny legs roaming around the classroom halls.. I didn't buy these for no reason! ;)

There are some pictures of Ro and Ugyen too..

Photo credits : Ugyen

Leggins: Forerver 21
Shirt: Forerver 21
Tank top: H&M
Necklace: INVU

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Galaxy Scarf Cont.

Galaxy Scarf

Last year I was kinda obsessed with wearing things on my hair, and it had been a long time since I didn't so I made a necklace into a hairband. My mom passed down a really pretty scarf to me, it's a galaxy scarf with either stars or lava made on it.. you can decide! Oh by the way my shoes are the red ones and the other ones are my - i guess you can call her goth- friend Navika she was so proud of them haha ^^ I love her

Photo Credits : Jesal

Shirt- Zara
Inner- Anchor Blue
Shoes- Nike

Monday, August 29, 2011

A special post for a special friend!

Here's the sweetest friend I was talking about.. I saw her.. and I there was no need to think twice.. but to put her picture up cause she looked absolutley amazing today.. not like she doesn't everyday.. Love you Ro! <3

Work it in Denim

Mondays... you know how they are.. but today went great.. especially since I got so many compliments on what I was wearing.. my sister and I happened to pick up the exact same thing.. she called me a copy cat but said I looked cute.. one peice of advice.. never but something that is big for you! I love these dungarees.. but I bought a size too big which becomes very irritating.. besides that I had a great day working it in denim!

Shoes- Zara
Shirt- Forever 21
Dungarees - Target
Sweater- Levis

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Special Features

I took some pictures of my friends so you all can get an idea of some different styles.. They both are great people and I love them a lot..

The top one is of my SWEETEST friends sister.. she was looking really cute I could help myself!

Go floral in the monsoon!

So I woke up today to the vibrating sound of my phone and not the rain!! guess what that means?? I can finally where the skirt I've been dying to wear for soo long! I bought it over the summer break in San Fransico and wore it once and after that i never got a chance..

Photo credits to my lovley friend whom I've known since the 6th grade: Ugyen

Skirt- Zara
Shirt- Zara
Neckalce- INVU

Orange Happiness

Sorry about not posting for so long.. I'm going to try and make it a point to post almost everyday from now on. So I'm back in school now, it's the third week of Sophmore year and it's been A LOT OF FUN! so far...

The pictures are of me right before P.E class

Picture Credits to my great fashion luvr friend/awesome photographer = Jesal!

Shoes- Forever 21
Shirt and Sweater set - BCBG
Suspenders - H&M
Braclets - All over
Jeggings - Levis