Saturday, January 26, 2013

Too Great to be Named

Is it possible to love someone just as much as you hate them!?!

I don't know what I'd do without these girls, Summer (in the hat) and Joon (with the spiked leggings) have got to be two of my most cherished beings living.

Though we fight enough to bring the walls crumbling down I highly doubt I could last a few hours without them. They are big bundles of happiness for me, like taking down a spoon full of sugar.

And it is because we are just as sweet as sugar that we were allowed to order an excess amount of clothes from one of the most beloved sites. Not even close, I think my dad was just in a good mood that day so he allowed us to order more than what we had asked for. So as a result we ordered a few things from ROMWE, summer is wearing her new found love, the spiked cap!

We now have around eight more days at home and then it's back to good old boarding school, with a side for of stress! I have four more months of Junior Year left and then it's bye bye SATs hello College Apps

Speaking of SATs a few of my friends took the SAT today, pray for them! I hope their result is stunning!
And... I'm taking my four hour long diagnostic test tomorrow at 10:30 which means I'll be back home by 2:30. Definitely dreading it!

These pictures were taken upstairs, so from our point of view we could see into other peoples gardens and down the streets. The atmosphere was a mixture of two Indian cultures. One, wedding music coming  from in front and two, a bunch of noisy boys playing cricket next to us. And then there's us... having a spiked photo shoot on our terrace... go figure.

I am currently reading the book Life of Pi, it's a must read! Perhaps I already mentioned that.

Well wish me luck for my diagnostic test tomorrow. Lets hope I don't come back home with a sore back.


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