Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 2011

Whats in: Blanc Slate- Since March the color white seems to be in quite a lot... and it still is.. if you check out the latest Vogue magazine with Rihanna.. you will see that White is still playing a big role in this years summer season..

However that does not mean that everyone is only wearing white.. strong bold colors will also do.. like Indigo, Scarlet Red and Lemon Yellow...

Along with these plain strong shirts ..fresh cropped jackets look great! The jacket above has been taken straight from the Vogue magazine itself

Makeup: When it comes to makeup.. this season is really going for color coding.. so going along with similar shades all over

Shoes: LEATHER! ... leather sandals, heels, platforms

*Try White Triacetate short

Sicilan City : The shops of Sicily have the best homemade lace you will find

Accesories: While you're wearing all white this summer don't foget to pair it off with some dull shades of sandals, purses, belts, sunglasses and maybe for friday nights some gold earrings and necklaces

Watches: You guessed it!.. White again.. with some simple diamonds..

*Add a hint of purple to your wardrobe.. Like purple leather sandals or maybe a purple cropped jacket.

Sneakers: High tops!.. Luis Vuitton had been selling some awseome high tops latley.. and only for 34 dollars
But you can find great high tops at addidas and Vans too

*anyone heard of Supras?? they're great!

Note: This season Bohemian style is attracting everyones eyes.. plus a lot of jump suits! mix them together and you got the perfect summer outfit!! Bohemian Jumpsuit!!

*The classic chunky sized bangles go well with anything you wear!

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